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Before I explain how I discovered EmpireToInspire, let me introduce myself. I’m Bawithra Crystal.

I am an ordinary woman feeling stuck in my previous job. I was working as a customer service representative in a bank and got scolded by angry customers every day. 

My salary is just enough to pay the bills and my parents’ endless debts. After paying them, I have very little left for myself. 

Whenever I look at my Maybank account, I feel like a failure. It’s always less than 4 digits.

All I wanted is to provide a slightly better life for my parents.

You see… despite this hopeless situation, I pressed on. 

One day, my friend sent me a WhatsApp message showing, “EmpireToInspire: Do this to triple or quadruple your income.

I brushed her off and said, “No way this is real la! They’ll con us only.

I closed WhatsApp and continue having my dinner.

That night, I couldn’t take my mind away from that message.

I secretly hoped, “What if they can help me triple my income? Then, I can settle all of our debts once and for all!

I grabbed my phone, opened the message, and clicked the link.

Testimony By Nurul Azmah

I used to work in the same company for 27 years and the salary was not enough for my own commitments. I was so sick and tired of working and paying bills.

Everything changed after I made a decision to join EmpireToInspire. Now I can proudly say I have traveled to 7 countries with my husband within these 2 years.

All of my debts are settled. Most importantly, I’ve quit the boring old job. Here I am now having both time and financial freedom thanks to EmpireToInspire.

Testimony By Chelvi

I was overwhelmed by loans because my husband’s business wasn’t doing so well. Without realizing, I was building an unhappy family that is constrained by financial loans. Worse, I was setting a bad example to my kids.

Until a day my colleague introduced me to EmpireToInspire. I immediately grabbed it as I saw the future and this is the best decision I’ve ever taken. This has completely changed my life.

Now I live a happy life free of debts and I’m glad that I’m setting the right example for my kids.

Starting to see hope, I contacted them the next morning, and my life has changed forever since then.I am now earning a 5-figure income a month by working 3 hours or less 5 days a week. 

I can now buy ANYTHING I want from anywhere in the world. I have settled all the debts (including my parents) and I am now DEBT-FREE!

I can afford to buy a BMW and got rid of my 13-year-old Myvi! The change felt unreal and I was truly amazed by how much EmpireToInspire has helped me to thrive in this hopeless situation. 

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Hello. Again, my name’s Bawithra Crystal. 

I have joined EmpireToInspire and want to bring you the opportunity to do a life makeover. 

Just like how EmpireToInspire transformed my life from a lifeless working dog to a wealthy, healthy entrepreneur, we invite you to join our community.


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Testimony By Fadzuan

My income was only enough for the bare necessities in my family. I was so stressed worrying about my financial struggles every night. 

One day, my colleague quit her job and I asked why. She explained EmpireToInspire to me but I was skeptical. 

Years later, I saw her making more money than I am even though I worked longer than her. I contacted her and she enrolled me into EmpireToInspire.

Then everything was magical to me. I took 1 solid year to learn more about this and the ways of making income. 

Now I have quit my boring job and I’m moving towards my financial freedom and time freedom.

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